About Life In Lights


Bringing light and positive change, transforming vacant downtown storefronts and providing the community opportunities to come together to create and share engaging art.

#What it is Life In Lights is a community focused art, education and livability project intended to provide a new and compelling attraction to downtown, increasing visitors, giving everyone an extra reason to be downtown and promote the downtown area.

The Life In Lights project will transform vacant downtown storefronts into light based art installations; providing the community opportunities to come together to create and share engaging art.

#How it works Community members - including artists, students, creatives, technologists and business and property owners - contribute their talents and spaces to present artwork of all sorts in light-based projections throughout downtown.

The majority of installations for Life In Lights involve projecting artwork through screens installed on the street-facing windows of shops in the downtown area during the afternoon and evening hours. Imagine a city-wide life-sized art gallery and video game. While one storefront installation is compelling, as more locations participate the entire experience becomes more captivating; closing the gaps and connecting downtown.

#When this all happens Life In Lights will turn on the lights on February 11, coinciding with downtown Winchester’s Wine About Winter event and will continue running for a limited time to follow, during which time new exhibits will be developed and presented.

#Sponsors Life In Lights is made possible thanks to generous support from the Greater Clark Foundation and Leeds Center for the Arts. Greater Clark Foundation Banner Leeds Center for the Arts Logo

#Contact You are invited to participate. See the Get Involved page or write the Life In Lights organizers at lifeinlightswin@gmail.com