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There are lots of ways to get involved in Life In Lights

#Attend a workshop Learn to create digital art along with computer programming skills. Workshops are targeted at beginners and will teach participants at any level what’s needed to create beautiful pieces of digital art.

The next workshop will be held January 16.

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#Contribute art All types, medium and style of artwork have a place in Life In Lights. Whether you’re a workshop attendee or an independent artist or creative of any sort, we’d love to help you share the art you create with our community.

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#Contribute tech Life In Lights uses several sorts of tech. Each installation involves one or more projectors, a computer (we’ll primarily be using Raspberry Pi’s if you’re into that sort of thing). Software to display, control and even make the art pieces is in the process of being developed.

If you have any technical skills with hardware, software or would like to learn about them, we’d love to have you join our team.

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#Help with installations Life In Lights will need plenty of help preparing and setting up installations throughout the city. There are ways to participate at any skill level; and you can even learn some valuable skills along the way.

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#Host an installation The Life In Lights project wants to help downtown business owners and property owners thrive. By hosting an installation property owners have the opportunity to draw attention to their location in a new and engaging way; increasing visitors, customers and potential real estate clients. If you are a property owner, tenant or know someone who would like to host an installation at their location, we’d love to speak with you!

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#Get the word out Let your friends know about the Life In Lights project. Share us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. #lifeinlights

There really is something for everyone.

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